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Community Works' Vision

Our vision is that Communities in North Yorkshire, particularly around Thirsk, are strong, resilient and vibrant, and that individuals in the community feel that they belong, are connected and live independent, active and fulfilled lives. 

Our Mission

We will facilitate partnerships to support people in North Yorkshire, particularly from Thirsk to connect with and contribute to their community by providing opportunities for them to improve their economic, health and social wellbeing.


What Makes Us Special

Our Values

Six values underpin all that we do and govern our external and internal behaviour.

  • Integrity –  We conduct our business in an honest, transparent and ethical way
  • Involvement – We involve our members in developing and giving feedback about our activities and every service-user is supported to take part in our programmes, opportunities and activities
  • Inclusivity – We have high regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others
  • Openness – We are committed to a culture of teamwork and cooperation
  • Quality – We strive for excellence in all our activities
  • Community – We will complement, rather than duplicate, the resources available in our community, collaborating with other agencies and partners when it is appropriate to do so

Unique Selling Points

  • We are a charity – Everything we do is focused on improving the lives of our beneficiaries
  • We are a community hub – Community Works operates from several safe, warm and accessible buildings in and near Thirsk town centre and provides a range of spaces for people of all ages to undertake activities. All of the buildings are welcoming space where people want to come, and our delivery is always reliable, consistent, and supportive. It’s a safe place for all vulnerable groups, including people with dementia and mental ill-health
  • Jack of all trades – Responding to the paucity of services in its rural locations, Community Works will deliver a breadth of activities which, in more urban areas, would be offered by a range of specialist providers. It supports users with issues such as homelessness, domestic violence, long-term unemployment, mental ill health and long-term illness, isolation and educational under-achievement. Its services are designed to respond to the needs of individual clients and their families, whether they need a one-off intervention or longer-term support
  • The first port of call in a crisis – With its emergency foodbank, clothing, furniture provision, laundry facilities and the hosting of services like Citizens Advice - on top of its expertise in issues like homelessness, Community Works will be the first port of call for people in crisis
  • Partnerships that work ­– Community Works will increasingly collaborate with other agencies to solve community issues. For example, when local people needed a local advice service, The Clock stepped up to host Citizens Advice. When the police wanted a place to deliver work with young people at risk of offending, The Clock partnered with them in provided the venue
  • Our work is user-led Our approach puts users in charge of their journey with us. Our work starts where members ‘are,’ building on their strengths to help them do what they want to do and go where they want to go. We support them to make choices that offer brighter and broader futures and achieve their potential.
  • Supportive to stakeholders Community Works values the support and place-shaping provided by funders and policy makers, and is pleased to both support local communities by giving decision-makers feedback, and develop services which meet the needs of individuals, communities and stakeholders

Community Works is a delivery partner for Thriving at Work.

This programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund”



The Clock - Thirsk

Community Works HQ
Church Hall
St James Green
North Yorkshire

Tel: 01845 524 494
E-mail: info@communityworks.uk

Community Works CIO
Community Works HQ, Church Hall, St James Green, Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 1AQ
Registered charity number 1096518

Please note that in March 2020 The Clock (Yorkshire) CIO and Thirsk Community Care merged to form Community Works CIO

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