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Organisational Summary

In April 2018, The Clock’s CEO met with Thirsk Community Care’s Interim Chief Officer to explore the potential for working together more effectively and to make savings. The climate at the time was one of uncertainty and apprehension as Local Authority contracts were disappearing, grant funding was harder than ever to win and public fundraising felt impossible. The Clock had already committed to being more creative in the way it secured funding and was testing innovative income streams. The conversation quickly went from committing to work together to save money on contracts such as IT support to ‘Why don’t we merge?’ Both took this radical thought back to their Boards, who were keen to continue the conversation.

In July 2018, both Boards met to start the discussions formally and agreed unanimously that the best way to do more for local people was to explore a closer working relationship. A Steering Group made up of Trustees and The Clock’s CEO was formed and met regularly to drive the work forward. North Yorkshire County Council’s Stronger Communities Team supported the work with resources and expertise.

As part of the process, we completed a robust due diligence audit and following legal support and advice put in place new governance arrangements, which included a new Constitution and transferring The Clock from a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable statues to become a CIO (Charity Incorporated Organisation). We took advice on merging two Boards into one and completed a thorough skills audit and recruitment process to ensure the new organisation has all the skills required to make it a success in the current economic and political environment.

Community Works is now managed by a board of 12 active and committed trustees who live or work locally. They bring a wide range of professional and management experience, local intelligence and knowledge of its vulnerable users. Much of the business is managed by the sub-groups.  The Board directly line manages and accepts reports from the Charity’s CEO, who in turn line manages the management team staff. 

Purpose of the Plan – This plan sets out Community Works’ goals and planned development, providing direction and focus. The plan will

  • Act as a benchmark to measure performance
  • Identify financial needs
  • Develop a mixed economy of funds, including both winning grants and contracts
  • Instil confidence in its governance, positioning Community Works as a key community provider.

For information The Board of Trustees for Community works is:

David Sharp – Chair                                       

Mel Johnson – Treasurer                                Malcolm Sollitt

Georgina Turton                                              Anna Naughton

Sally Burton                                                    Lesly Ford

Chris Snowden                                               David Shorrocks

Derek Adamson                                              Rebecca Lawson-Tancred            

The Board will also have four sub groups: Finance, Quality, Resources and Sustainability, each having their own plan . The sub groups will be a mix of Trustees, staff and individuals with relevant expertise and will help in shaping the strategic direction Community Works takes.

Complaints Procedure


Community Works is committed to providing high quality services to its staff. Users and visitors  but in any organisation things sometimes go wrong.


How can you make a complaint?

If you are dissatisfied with a service or the way you have been treated you can complain by:

•  telephoning or writing to the relevant staff member

•  telephoning or writing to Community Work’s Chief Executive Officer

•  A friend or relative can act on your behalf if you so wish. Community Works will not generally deal with anonymous complaints, but you can be assured of confidentiality where this is appropriate or requested.


Your complaint will be investigated and dealt with as quickly as possible. In it, you should tell us:

•  what, in your opinion, we did wrong or did not do;

•  how you were affected by this;

•  what you feel we should now do about it.


All complaints are usually responded to in writing. You should normally get a reply in 10 working days. If the complaint takes longer than usual to deal with because of its gravity or complexity, the investigating officer will keep in touch with you to let you know what is happening. What if I want a second opinion? If, after having your complaint investigated, you are still not satisfied, you can contact the Chair of the Board


The Clock - Thirsk

Community Works HQ
Church Hall
St James Green
North Yorkshire

Tel: 01845 524 494

Community Works CIO
Community Works HQ, Church Hall, St James Green, Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 1AQ
Registered charity number 1096518

Please note that in March 2020 The Clock (Yorkshire) CIO and Thirsk Community Care merged to form Community Works CIO

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